Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow...Just Wow.

I just watched THEE best SuperBowl of my life. It's a classic for sure. John Cole almost had a heart attack towards the end there. I did too. I'm an Eagles fan through and through, but Pitt is my AFC team and fellow PA team. PA ALL THE WAY!!!

That catch by Santonio Holmes was freakishly ridiculous. Seriously. If there is a class called "How to make a freakishly ridiculous catch 101", that would be on the FIRST page of the text book. As soon as I find some video of it, I'll definitely post it. He totally deserves the MVP, but it should have been shared with Big Ben.

EDIT: The crap about Ben not being a great QB needs to stop. I asked on Balloon Juice who else has two SBs in their first five years like Ben. I was told Montana does, and that Aikman and Brady have three in five years (which I knew). That puts him in some pretty good company if you ask me. Look, Aikman, Montana, Brady are GREAT QBs and they are all Hall of Famers. No doubt about that. But, Ben’s gotta be up there with two SB rings in his first five seasons including a killer two minute drill to win the game topped off by placing a perfect ball to Holmes in the middle of three receivers in the corner of the endzone. S-I-C-K.

Anyone who doubts Roethlisberger is just a hater. Period. And dude is only 26. If I had any, I'd put money on him winning another one.

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