Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wait, did I miss something?

We have John McCain, who got his clock cleaned in the largest Democratic popular vote win in a generation by a black man named Barack Hussein Obama, mounting an insurgency while Mitch McConnell claims, with a straight face, that – quote – “Republicans have better ideas”. No, really. I’m not kidding. Let that marinate. I can wait.

Yes. Three months after getting an epic electoral smack down, they are already waist deep into their shared delusions of self grandeur. Someone should tell them that if a majority of Americans wanted their plans and thought they, particularly McCain, had better ideas, maybe, just maybe, we would would have voted for him instead of the scary Moozlim Commie President B-Rock.

I seriously don't know why these fools haven't been laughed off the stage yet. If they wanna play, let's play.

Here’s my plan: Let the Senate Republicans filibuster. Really make them filibuster, none of that weaksauce cloture vote crap, and bring every camera in a 50 mile radius. Every single Democrat should then leave the chamber and give a united press conference on the Capitol steps where they angrily talk about how shitty the economy is, giving state by state statistics – particularly in blue or purple states with Republican Senators – Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, Florida, Indiana, and Pennsylvania – and how Dems are trying to do something about while Republicans pull the political equivalent of a spoiled five year old giving a foot stomping temper tantrum because they aren’t getting their way despite getting their clocks cleaned in November.

Then, Obama goes on t.v., that very night, on every major network for his first televised talk to the nation in the oval office. He talks about how he and Democrats in Congress are trying to do what they were elected to do – alleviate the suffering of Americans – and that he sincerely tried to work with Republicans in good faith by making concessions like taking out some of the measures they found the most objectionable, making the bill one-third tax cuts, and meeting with them to address their concerns. He will then mention that for his efforts, the Republicans couldn’t manage to deliver even one vote in the House and now they are filibustering in the Senate.

As he speaks or after, I’m sure that the videos of him meeting with them in the WH, meeting with them on Capitol Hill, inviting them for dinner and cocktails, will get heavy rotation. Also getting heavy rotation will be the video of numerous Republicans talking about his graciousness. Let him look dead straight into the camera and say, “I was elected, in part, to change the tone in Washington. I’ve tried to do that, and I will keep trying because I believe in what I was sent here to do. However, Republicans seem content with continuing the status quo and playing the same tired game of politics as usual by trying to score cheap political points as millions of people lose their jobs, economic security, health care, and wonder how they are going to feed their children tomorrow. It’s shameful.”

Game. Over.


Anonymous said...

Vexed Vixen,

You go girl!!! I can think of a few, much more diabolical, things to do to those cynical, greedy, corrupt SOS (sacks of ####), but they're not for public distribution. I'm thinking "Old Testament" retribution.

For years this disaster has been looming, but those in power (corporate and political) have not given a damn because short-term profits along with campaign contributions trump service to country and/or ethical behavior. We were sold-out long ago. From the World Bank: in 1970 26% of GDP was produced by manufacturing, 11% by financial services. Last year 12% of GDP was produced by manufacturing while a whopping 26% was produced by financial services. Our corporate elite, with the connivance of our political elite, have moved much of our wealth-creating industry off-shore so they could garner higher short-term profits at the expense of the long-term economic health of this nation. No greater traitors have ever been known. And, they were able to do that wealth-creating transfer to other countries with subsidies from American tax payers. There is no shame in this country's elites. I know that for a fact as years ago I was part of a corporate group who shut-down a factory that created well-paying jobs for both blue-collar and white-collar workers. We actually got tax breaks for shutting down the factory and moving it to China. Talk about traitorous behavior by corporate America.

Let US get one thing straight; financial services (Wall Street) have never, never produced one $'s worth of wealth, NEVER!!! They only take a bite out of what others produce, and an outrageous bite it is due to the egregious corruption of our political process. The game is rigged, the deck is stacked and the people that produce products of value are taking the fall for the crooks that caused this mess and have NEVER contributed to the wealth of this nation.

Democrat, Republican; same, same, it's only a marketing strategy to beguile the gullible by the elite. Wall Street has pretty much split the campaign contributions right down the middle with regard to Dem or Rep. Obama, nor would have McCain, will not do the "right thing" to help move as expeditiously as possible to work though this massive mess created by greed and corruption. That "right thing" is to nationalize the banks and insurance companies (AIG et. al.) that are in the financial trouble they created in pursuit of outrageous short-term profits driven by greed and facilitated by the corruption of our political process.

Nationalization of the banks, et. el., is the only way to make headway for the American people. Our politicians, Dem and Repub, are in favor of what the Japanese did during their own financial crisis. The Japanese failed miserably, but their "special people" didn't suffer as they should have. Instead, the whole population did for over 10 YEARS!!! Our political and corporate elite are trying to shorn up loosing propositions, throw good money after bad, make sure their political benefactors get as much of the American tax payers' money as possible and generally socialize (they get the profits while you pay for the losses) the loses due to corrupt business practices. And, the reason Obama will not nationalize the banks is because his Wall Street political benefactors would lose their collective shirts, AS THEY WELL SHOULD!!! They made the bad bets, now they are "welshing" on them by sticking their losses to the American Tax Payers. A nationalized bank has all of its equity holders (stock and bond holders) wiped-out, as they should be. They made bad bets and should, if there is any equity in capitalism; pay the price, not those that had nothing to do with their investment strategies. But, those that have equity in these failed banks (no one is willing to force the banks to come clean so we don't know how many are solvent) have control of our government and are using their political clout to force the government to cover their self-inflicted losses out of the US Treasury's ability to "print money"; that would be your tax dollars at work to make the rich crooks even richer. Man, only in America: "Land of the Free"; to soak the tax payers when the "special people's" bets go south, Home of the Brave; especially when the "special people" can stick their losses with those that had nothing to do with said losses. And, many in this country think the "right thing" to do is socialism or even communism. But, they are 180 degrees off point. Not doing what needs to be done is socialism for the richest bastards in America, who are the root cause of this catastrophe.

Sweden's bank problems back in the early 90's show the way out of this mess, but the "special people" will have to take their due, which they will fight tooth and nail to stop from happening. Sweden nationalized their failing banks, reorganized them, stabilized them and then sold them to investors. The Swedish people actually made a profit unlike the total reaming the American people are getting and will get because our government is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street, et. al. Remember, last year your tax dollars have already gone towards 18 BILLION dollars worth of bonuses for the Wall Street crooks that are part of the root cause of this crisis. While their companies were failing due to their corrupt business practices you were paying them outrageous bonuses. And, they are not using the bailout money to loan money to citizens or businesses. We don't have"liquidity" crises; we have"solvency" crises. Banks aren't loaning to each other because they don't know which banks are bankrupt because our crooked politicians and the cooked regulations are not forcing banks to come clean. Since the 80's the crooks in corporate American have been bribing our elected officials to weaken the rules that help keep the "marketplace playing field" level and fair. Our accounting standards are a joke and totally corrupt. Companies can lie, cheat and steal legally; and we will pay the price even though we never made any money off the deal. Talk about socialism for the rich. We, The People, have let this happen; we own it just as the crooks own us. We are all diminished. The only way out is to learn, listen and act to take our country back. Now, where are the guillotines and tumbrels, cake anyone???

dawud al-gharib said...

you may be thinking that the Republicans (or politicians in general) have the capacity to feel shame.

I'm not convinced.

Anonymous said...

Just one thing...3/4s of New Hampshire's Congressional delegation are Dems (both Reps & one Senator).

...granted, going from Richardson to Dudd Gregg as Commerce Secretary is a long-ass slide...