Friday, May 23, 2008

The Specter of RFK

Hillary must have lost her damn mind. What was she thinking? Not only is it offensive, but, as one of Andrew Sullivan's readers pointed out, it was EXTREMELY tone deaf. For her to not have any idea that was she was saying would be subject to increaded scrutiny, she must have bumped her head. The longer this campaign goes on, the more the evidence continues to mount that she is truly unfit for the presidency. Obama will be the first African-American nominee for President and he received secret service earlier than any candidate in history because of the death threats on his life. African Americans were so afraid for his safety that many didn't initially want to vote for him lest they be signing his death letter. So, for her to bring up or even suggest that she is staying in this because something could "happen" to Obama is shameful. Add it to the "white voter" crap of last week and it shows that she is actually, shameless.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

West Virginia Primary

Ok, so Obama took a "thumpin" last night, but we already knew that was coming. WVa is smack dab in the middle of so-called Appalachia where Hillary has been the strongest all along. What gets me is the exit polls - One in four, yes 25% of Hillary voters admitted that race was an important factor in their vote. 25% of them actually admitted that face-to-face with a pollster.

Imagine how many there were that wouldn't admit it to a pollster.


But the pundits keep talking about what Obama can do to shore up the white working class vote. Obama is black, yes, I know that he is technically bi-racial but the man identifies as black, so he's black. Last time I checked, you couldn't change your race - although Michael Jackson has tried his damndest to do just that. If people WANT to be virulent racists and they are unwilling to accept the facts yet SUPER willing to hold on to some double-think that would make George Orwell cringe - thinking that Obama shares the views of his CHRISTIAN pastor yet also believing that Obama is Muslim - then, I say, to hell with them. Get on the train or get left at the station. If the vote of rock hard racists is what hinders Obama and puts McCain in the White House then they deserve what they get (more war, more recession, less safety) - and so do we for even thinking or suggesting, as many a pundit has, that we should in any way, shape or form cowtow to their prejudice - a la Hillary Clinton.

The kicker though was that Hillary got up there and acted like this was a vote for feminists everywhere. Heh.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Clinton is Right.....

Obama gave a GREAT speech this morning on the economy. The Clinton campaign responds with this memo, sent via e-mail to the media. Money quote:
“Presidents have to do more than announce principles," writes Clinton
policy director Neera Tanden in the statement.

I never thought I'd say this, but the Clinton campaign is absolutely right on this one. Presidents must do more than announce principles, they must HAVE principles as well.
So much for that shadowy "commander-in-chief" test they keep talking about. I would think that having principles would be a major question on such test. Come to think of it, honesty would be on there too....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On Carville and Judas

I must admit, when I first heard of the comment that James Carville made comparing Bill Richardson to Judas, I actually chuckled. I was not terribly shocked, given the particularly nasty venom which has been spewing forth from the Clinton campaign. However, upon further reflection I became slightly annoyed which then progressed to being outright offended.
I was not that offended by Carville's comparison of Richardson to Judas, no matter how ridiculous it may have been. But, I take much offense at the unspoken implication of it all. As what can only be labelled as a quasi-Christian, what struck me was the implicit casting of the Clintons as "Jesus" to Richardson's "Judas". What kind of person would cast the lying, scheming, conniving, manipulators otherwise known as the Clintons in the role of "Jesus"? Personally, I wouldn't cast the Clintons as lepers worthy of washing the toejam from Jesus' overworked feet. To be short, the Clinton's AIN'T nobody's Jesus - as my gramps would say.
Much ado has been made about how Obama's followers view him as some sort of "Messiah". For all it's worth, I think we have just shown just WHOSE supporters have a Messianic complex about their candidate - and it is not the Obama people. It is the Clinton cronies who are drinking the now proverbial Kool-Aid.....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ain't this a (bleep)?

So, this is my first post ever.... Whoo-hoo. Ok, so now that the fanfare is over, the business begins. So, one day removed from the NH primary, I'm devastated. Yes, devastated. I'd went two for two on the Iowa Caucuses (much to some people's chagrin) and I'd said that Obama would win NH. Well, so much for THAT.

Apparently Hillary's teary eyed appeal worked. What a crock, but how genius was that? It brought women back to her in droves. I don't get it. I'm a woman and it didn't work on me. I don't want a person who is already talking about being tired and the general election didn't even start yet. If you're tired, I don't want to hear about it. We don't elect our leaders to be tired, we elect them to lead us. You can BE tired and we know that you are, I just don't want to hear about it. You know what I say to that? Hell, well I'm tired too.

You know what this job entails and you know what running for it entails. It doesn't get any easier. The subjects get tougher, the stakes get higher, and the consequences get realer. (Ok, realer might not actually be a word, but it works for me) When times get rough in this country it is the President's job to calm us, console us, motivate us, and lead us. Now, say what you want about Georgie Porgie, and I could say plenty, but the man is a ROCK and that is partly what people like about him. In the days after 9/11 the man did exactly want he needed to do to help this country come to grips with what happened to us on that horrific day and to help us pick up the pieces. Imagine if the man had gotten on t.v. with his voice quivering.

Yeah, I thought so.

I'm not saying that the President should be an emotionless robot. By all means, emotions are good. Empathy, a bit of sympathy, and bucket loads of compassion are required to do the job correctly and meaningfully. But crying about how it's so hard and how you are so tired should not win you ANY votes. The trashman who gets up at 3:00 a.m. and rides all morning picking up people's trash and smelling like, well, garbage all day is tired. The single mother with 3 kids and 2 jobs, and is still a day late and a dollar short is tired. The homeless veteran who valiantly served this country yet sleeps on a park bench with an empty stomach is tired. These are the people that you are requesting to lead Mrs. Clinton. How can you lead them if you claim to be just as tired as they are?

It takes strength and resolve (necessary but not at all sufficient) to be an effective president. You and your crocodile tears need not apply.