Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Please. Don't. Hurt. Me.

Last time I checked Obama and the Democrats won the last Election, and the one before that. Convincingly. Partly due to voters being fed up with conservative ideology and not being at all convinced that Republicans could successfully run a lemonade stand, much less our country.

So, given the fact that Republican seem to be winning the PR battle over the Stimulus Bill, like John Cole at BJ, I'm a little confused. Seriously. When the Repubs had both chambers and the White House, Democrats were little more than speedbumps on the way to Republican Rule. But, we are now in the majority in both chambers and in the White House, and it doesn't look all that much different than when we were in the minority. Republicans still seem to be getting damn near whatever they want.
The trademark Democratic defensive crouch, consisting of bending over and taking it is really getting annoying. I'm kinda feeling like Bruno in that West Wing episode when he's goes off on Sam and Toby. That's Dems. Always cowering in the corner yelling "Please. Don't. Hurt. Me." Maybe they missed the memo that WE FUCKING WON. Elections have consequences.
We're fighting this battle with one hand tied behind our backs, or around our ankles, however you want to put it. Obama is kinda signalling that he's getting tired of it too. Over at the GOS, Jed says "Obama fires a warning shot". But, that's not enough for me. These assholes don't understand anything short of war. I vote for an all out, no holds barred, very public, political ass whooping. No more of this magical, bi-partisan unity pony crap. Pretty please?

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