Friday, May 23, 2008

The Specter of RFK

Hillary must have lost her damn mind. What was she thinking? Not only is it offensive, but, as one of Andrew Sullivan's readers pointed out, it was EXTREMELY tone deaf. For her to not have any idea that was she was saying would be subject to increaded scrutiny, she must have bumped her head. The longer this campaign goes on, the more the evidence continues to mount that she is truly unfit for the presidency. Obama will be the first African-American nominee for President and he received secret service earlier than any candidate in history because of the death threats on his life. African Americans were so afraid for his safety that many didn't initially want to vote for him lest they be signing his death letter. So, for her to bring up or even suggest that she is staying in this because something could "happen" to Obama is shameful. Add it to the "white voter" crap of last week and it shows that she is actually, shameless.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

West Virginia Primary

Ok, so Obama took a "thumpin" last night, but we already knew that was coming. WVa is smack dab in the middle of so-called Appalachia where Hillary has been the strongest all along. What gets me is the exit polls - One in four, yes 25% of Hillary voters admitted that race was an important factor in their vote. 25% of them actually admitted that face-to-face with a pollster.

Imagine how many there were that wouldn't admit it to a pollster.


But the pundits keep talking about what Obama can do to shore up the white working class vote. Obama is black, yes, I know that he is technically bi-racial but the man identifies as black, so he's black. Last time I checked, you couldn't change your race - although Michael Jackson has tried his damndest to do just that. If people WANT to be virulent racists and they are unwilling to accept the facts yet SUPER willing to hold on to some double-think that would make George Orwell cringe - thinking that Obama shares the views of his CHRISTIAN pastor yet also believing that Obama is Muslim - then, I say, to hell with them. Get on the train or get left at the station. If the vote of rock hard racists is what hinders Obama and puts McCain in the White House then they deserve what they get (more war, more recession, less safety) - and so do we for even thinking or suggesting, as many a pundit has, that we should in any way, shape or form cowtow to their prejudice - a la Hillary Clinton.

The kicker though was that Hillary got up there and acted like this was a vote for feminists everywhere. Heh.