Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Noez...Obama's a Human!!! And an Adult too!!

Contrary to popular opinion, Obama does not crap Rainbows and Pixie Dust.

Also, contrary to popular opinion, these particular speed bumps (i.e: Daschle, Geitner,) are not serious and he will not suffer any real long term damage from them and this is why: He owns his mistakes.

I must add that having a President who can say, "I screwed up", and take responsibility
is so refreshing I almost didn't know what to do when I heard it. He was sent to change the tone in Washington, and he accomplished that, if even just a little bit. You acknowledge mistakes, take responsibility and move on. That's what ADULTS do.

One of the fundamental reasons why people couldn't stand Bush by the end, was that no matter what it was, he could never acknowledge mistakes that everyone knew he made, and when he came close to acknowledging mistakes, he could never take responsibility for them - everything was always someone else's fault.

Right on cue: Ta-Nehisi nails it.

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